So I see a lot of my colleagues and friends looking at starting CrossFit and some have asked me for my amateur insights into what CrossFit is and how they should go about getting started. So I thought I’d post some of my thoughts…

Let me start by saying that I am by no means a “CrossFit” expert, I am just a big fan of it (or perhaps more appropriately the CrossFit gym that I am a member at) after getting started a little over a year ago and one of the lucky ones who found an amazing CrossFit gym with a great coach and a great community.

So I’ll leave the “professional advice/tips/explanations” to the well… professionals.

However, I will give you some of my personal perspective on CrossFit from a trainee perspective and hopefully you can derive some value from it.

So First Off, What is CrossFit From My Perspective?

(Remember I am not interested in reciting to you the professional version of it.)

It’s a means to getting more “fit” by putting your body through various types of workouts designed to challenge the ten areas of fitness (Google them if you don’t know what those ten areas are).

Is CrossFit for you?

Well, can you walk?

Do you breath?

Do you have at least half of a brain to understand your own physical limitations?

Can you promise yourself that you will do your absolute best to NOT get injured by following GOOD sensible coaching and advice from qualified trainers?

Then yes, CrossFit CAN be for you.*

* But for the sake of you not suing me, I want to tell you to consult with a medical professional before starting bluh bluh bluh…

How Do You Decide on a CrossFit Gym?

Odds are, there are probably at least a dozen CrossFit gyms within a 4 mile radius of where you live. And by the time you are done reading this… I bet there will be at least one more.

Fact of the matter is, CrossFit gyms are popping up everywhere because it’s the “cool” thing to do. And it’s trendy and frankly, it doesn’t require that much from a qualification perspective for anybody to open a gym.

This means tons of people and their Uncle Bobs are opening one up around every street corner every day.

But tread carefully because not all CrossFit gyms are created equal.

Some are better than others and let me explain what “better” means…

How qualified is the owner?

Understand that to open a CrossFit gym doesn’t require a whole lot of qualifications. Check the owner’s background and experience along with his/her certification levels.

How GOOD are the coaches?

Remember that just because someone is good at something doesn’t mean he/she is good at TEACHING it. And this includes CrossFit.

What is the programming like?

You want a gym that lays out the big picture in mind… that looks at your training as a whole (conducive towards your overall fitness goal). A good gym owner knows that achieving one’s fitness goal doesn’t happen day-to-day…

Rather, it takes time and a strategy. And as such, the owner/coach will plan out an entire training “cycle” in waves of weeks and months. This not only helps maximize your gains and helps you towards you goals but also helps prevent injuries.

I.e. a savvy trainer will lay out a strategic workout program that will hit certain body areas with various loads and intensity a limited number of times a week while a trainer who doesn’t have a good program in mind could and often do end up over-stressing your body/body parts resulting in less-than-optimal training and gains and increasing your odds of getting injured (which would suck).

So if you come across a gym with no programming and every day’s workout is put together haphazardly, you have a sign that the gym is run by a caveman who probably was better off opening a hot dog stand than opening of a gym.

Do the coaches actually COACH you?

Do the coaches actually train you on the various movements and explain to you the intention of each workout within the grand schemes of things?

Or are they too busy barking at you like a rabid dog or too aloof texting on their phones to notice that you are literally being squashed like a bug by a barbell?

What are the people like in that gym?

I noticed that GOOD gyms tend to attract ego-less trainees, no matter their age, fitness level, experience etc.

If the gym has a lot of self-centered meat-heads who look like they either just got out of jail or are about to go to jail, that’s a red flag…

Look for a gym with a sense of community, where folks actually look like they are having FUN and are genuine caring people.

How do you get ready for CrossFit?

By taking it one step at a time.

By setting proper and REASONABLE expectations and by being a GREAT learner and follower because if you have a good gym, there will some damn good mentors/coaches/leaders who are there to HELP you achieve your fitness goals.

And for them to help you, you have to give them permission. And just as importantly, you need to humble yourself (check your ego at the door).

I’ve been doing sports since I was a kid and been taking health and fitness pretty seriously since ’98 (which is when I first started lifting), and I am loving CrossFit not because it’s CrossFit but because of the people I am surrounded by.

I love my gym because of the commitment to excellence of the community I find myself in.

Am I surrounded by and train with world class athletes? No.

Is my inspiration to be the best? No (although that’d be kind of cool).

But I can say that I am surrounded by some of the coolest, fun-loving, genuine, and ambitious like-minded individuals that I’ve come across whose fitness goals resonate perfectly with mine.

And this is why I stay and continue to do CrossFit.

It’s the people.

Shifting Gears – In a Business Sense

Now I want to totally blow your mind…

All joking aside, I want you to look at this article but replace the word, “CrossFit” with the word “business” and even in some cases, “LIFE.”

I want you to stretch a bit and draw some tangents and parallel between choosing to do CrossFit (and utilize it as a means to achieve your fitness goals) and choosing to do well in business and using that as a means to achieve your life goals.

How you go about business and life and set yourself up for the best chance at success largely relies on many of the principles I shared here.

Don’t go about business alone because no one was BORN with the knowledge of how to start and run a business. You need a mentor or mentors. You need to follow in the footsteps of someone who’s walked the path before you.

So what that means is you need to humble yourself and find a great leader whom you trust and like and follow his or her footsteps.

Be very careful and selective in terms of whom you call “mentor” and whom you choose to follow. Beyond just them achieving the level of success you desire, you have to ask yourself, do you resonate with them? Are they genuine?

And again, just because someone is GOOD at something doesn’t mean he/she is good at TEACHING it.

In business, you need to have a compelling goal and vision in mind. You need a passionate “WHY” as to why you are doing what you do because when the going gets tough (and believe me, they WILL), and you feel like quitting, you need that overwhelming reason as to why you MUST keep going and why quitting is NOT an option.

Success will come through your failures, remember that.

Also, set proper expectations as you embark on your journey – understand that success may NOT happen overnight and frankly, won’t!

I’ve seen way too many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to run before they can even crawl. And guess what? More often than not they crash and burn. Then they quit and blame the system that failed on them when in reality, they failed themselves.

And for the love of everything that is good and holy, have a plan… have a strategy.

Don’t go day-to-do doing whatever your little heart desires nilly-willy. Have a big picture in mind (if you don’t have one… GET ONE) and work towards that plan. Make sure everything you are doing is conducive to your long term goal.

Don’t ever lose sight of that.

Finally, a Word on Community…

I started CrossFit because I wanted to stay fit (and have fun doing it) but I stick around because of the community… because of the people and family (well, that and the fact that I am a masochist and love pushing my mind and body day in day out).

And that’s another big take away I have to share with you.

In business, you really can’t go at it alone – you want to find a “family/community” to belong to, to contribute to, and other like minded individuals to network and mastermind with. It’s critical to point out that those you call family really need to be “like minded” and share similar goals, aspirations, and motivation as you.

Because it is only then will you gel together and collectively elevate each other. You’ll find this family… for a lack of a better term, “useful” in your highest moments and also your lowest moments.

They’ll celebrate your triumphs, comfort you in your defeats, love on you when you are down, and collaborate with you on brilliants ideas and strategies designed to help everyone.

So if you are going at your business alone or thinking of BEING alone, STOP.

Reach out to others, network with others and find your “family.” Because with the right family, you will go further in business (and life) than you can ever dream of doing it alone.

Got it?

– R

P.S. Back to CrossFit…

One more critical question that I get a fair amount from females.

They ask if CrossFit is suitable for women.

And after much thought and many sleepless nights thinking about the most appropriate answer…

Here it is.

The profound answer is…

Absolutely, resoundingly, unequivocally YES.




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Yelp Strikes Again…

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I went to a hookah lounge the other day just to relax and hang out with my girlfriend.

This is a hookah lounge that I’ve been visiting once in a while for the past year now and I’ve gotten to the know the owner a bit since he’s always out on the floor greeting customers making sure everyone is having a good time and things are going smoothly.

He’s a super cool dude and he, along his entire friendly staff, is one of the reasons I keep coming back (the hookah is good too).

Well, that night he came out and I, as I tend to do, asked him about his business and we just started shooting the breeze. He told me about his marketing plans including happy hour, $5 off coupons, trying to get the city to permit him to carry liquor license, rebranding it as a “restaurant” rather than a “lounge” (there’s more profit in food than hookah).

And well, one thing led to another and Yelp came into the discussion. (And BOY was that a hot-button for him!)

I asked if he was offering rewards for reviews and check-ins via Yelp because I noticed his Yelp listing only had 16 reviews and was sitting at only 3.5 stars.

He shook his head and said he tried that but it’s not working. I asked him what he means by “it’s not working” and that’s when he revealed that he has over 60 reviews that have been “filtered” and of those, like 50 of them are 5 stars. But on the actual public Yelp profile, only 16 reviews are displayed which shows his rating at 3.5 stars (when in reality, if all the “filtered” reviews are accounted for, he’d easily have 4.5 stars and not to mention a lot more social proof with 75+ reviews.

But he wasn’t done… he also disclosed that he gets a call from Yelp once every month or two and it’s the same pitch… “We see that you have only a 3.5 star rating, if you advertise with us, we can help you improve on that rating.

He, being the owner of a marketing company as well, refused the offer (guess he didn’t like the idea of being extorted…) and well, his rating remains a measly 3.5 stars which sucks because his service, hookah, and food are so much better than that.

Here’s yet ANOTHER example of Yelp practicing extortion. And looking at all the comments on my blog post, “A Candid Yelp Advertising Review – Is Yelp Ripping People Off?” he’s one of the MANY business owners who are being extorted and are PISSED about it.

And for more examples of the “darker side of Yelp”, take a look at this article CBS MoneyWatch author, Erik Sherman, wrote after interviewing me: When Yelp advertisers yelp at rates.

C’mon Yelp, get your act together and start being ethical and accountable. These allegations of Yelp engaging in shady sales practices are warranted, no matter how much Vince Solitto, VP of Yelp (and some of Yelp’s lovely sales-folks who like to come visit my blog and, with a fabulous display of uncontrollable emotions that is devoid of logic, attempt to attack me personally) try to deny them.


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Hey y’all,

Happy 2012! Hope your first quarter is off to a good start, mine was a whirlwind for sure – through the good and the bad, it was all for the best.

Most recently, I just got back from a short business trip to Miami where I, among 5 other successful business folks, taught a room full of bright and ambitious entrepreneurs the ins-and-outs of building a successful home business online (and offline). My specific portion had to do with driving online traffic (a topic I am very passionate about).

I love these business trips for several reasons. One is because well, it’s a chance for my business partner and I to get out from behind our computer monitors and interact with live people *GASP* and get in touch with the real world *DOUBLE GASP*

We get to meet new cool folks, connect with other like-minded individuals and refill our EQ (emotional quotient). Beyond that we get to regroup with some of our very favorite associates who live all across the United States (and some even outside the US).

When we get together, we catch up on our lives and we can’t help ourselves but mastermind and come up with new cool business ideas which ultimately help all of us move our business onward and upward.

And of course… when you get a bunch of us extreme entrepreneurs with extreme “if I am going to do something doggone it I am going to do it 100% and then some!” attitudes together, we some GREAT fun!

The Lesson From Miami

I am not here to tell you about the craziness that took place in Miami (suffice to say it was a lot of fun and I promise you no cute animals were injured in the process) but I am here to impart to you a lesson that dawned on me during my visit to Miami.

It has to do with role models.

Hopefully you have some role models you look up to, whether they may be historic figure, a favorite teacher/professor of yours, your own parents, uncles, and other relatives, or mentors that have helped shape you in one way or another. These are folks that you admire and perhaps even model yourself after. These are like “heroes/heroines” in your eyes.

And I say great! Through these heroes/heroines you can learn not only what they’ve done to achieve the level of success that they have and become the people of character (I hope) that they are, but also learn of the mistakes that they’ve made along the way so you don’t make the same.

It’s healthy and progressive to have role models.

I definitely have several in my life.

Here’s the thing though… a person can be your role model but he/she isn’t necessarily a role model in every aspect of life – and it’s imperative that you make those distinctions.

For example, a role model may “have it together” financially, but when it comes to fostering relationships, he/she may falter in that area. You may wish to “model” yourself after him/her financially but I caution you to rethink about modeling yourself after him/her when it comes to relationships. You can compartmentalize up your life any which way, the important thing is to evaluate each of your role models as he/she performs in each of these “compartments.”

And at the end of the day, take only the best of these compartments from your role models and seek to learn and model yourself from these most successful compartments from the most successful mentors.

Ultimately, just because a person is a role model of yours doesn’t mean he/she is perfect in every way – pick and choose whom you model after AND what aspects of his/her life you wish to model after.

And with that… young Jedi, you’ll go far in life :-)


Raymond Fong

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